Makeup Play: Golden Holiday Look + DIY Highlighter


Gold and Purple

Are you tired of my Lorac Pro Palette already? I’m taking my Project Use-Up seriously so I’m showing my most-adored products as much love as I possibly can. So far, I’m really enjoying playing with all the things in my stash that I’m not as enticed to buy new things! So if you’re here on my blog for the latest beauty things, sorry to disappoint you in that aspect. I’ll still be buying a few things – soon – but as of now, I’m not as cray cray as before in owning the latest collections anymore.

For this entry, I’ll just be showing a Holiday look that I meant to wear during Christmas Eve in Cebu but got too lazy to actually do (plus I left my Guerlain Orgeuil here at home because it’s too darn hefty to travel with). If you’re wondering what look I went for during Christmas Eve instead… it’s the barenaked look a.k.a no makeup at all. Compared to here in Manila where we dress up and fix ourselves for Noche Buena, we just had a simple (albeit a bit bountiful) quiet dinner in our jammies in Cebu.

The Components

A simple look consisting of my favorite blush in the moment, Chanel Accent, which I’ve mentioned before that doubles as a contour as well. I used the Gold, Light Bronze and Deep Purple shades in the Lorac Pro Palette for the eyes. And the ever-so-messy Guerlain L’Extrait in Orgeuil that I spent most of my time fixing and wiping because it’s such a pain to apply (despite my love for the shade).

I also recently learned about Making Your Own Cream Highlighter through the beautiful Paris B in her post here. Super helpful and nifty tutorial that I think everyone should know of! I’ve been itching to try it so I did in this look. Check out how I did it after the jump.


DIY Highlighter

One of the coolest beauty experiments I’ve learned this year is this DIY by Paris B. I’ve been drawn to highlighters more than ever during this year, but am super hesitant to spend on a huge compact (if powder or cream) or a full-sized bottle (if liquid).

For this DIY, all you need are liquid foundation / BB cream / concealer and a cream or powder shimmer eyeshadow of your choice (preferably in the highlight color you want). Just mix the two items of choice et voila — instant highlighter! What’s nifty about this is you can pick the shades you want to use for a particular look as well as control the consistency, texture, etc. of the highlighter depending on the products you use.

4 5

Final Look

I learned that for the Gold shade, I couldn’t blend it as much else I end up erasing almost all of it on my lid. It’s best just lightly and slowly pressed on the mobile lid after I’ve blended the Deep Purple on the outer-V and crease. I used the Lt. Bronze in the inner 1/3 that I also had to slightly press and pat, too. Also, I took note of some fall-outs that occurred when the shadows were haphazardly pressed on.

There you go, my holiday face. What was your holiday look?

  • Angel
    • Shari

      Thank you Angel :-)

  • Keiti Dontcare

    Wow, the lip color is dazzling!!!! I’ve been searching for a lipstick like that for ages now O_O

    • Shari

      Jem above says its close to MAC Rebel. But Orgeuil is a liquid lipstick that dries matte which is more suited for my dry lips! :-)

  • Jemimah Reyes

    You’re so pretty! This look is perfect! I can’t help but love your lipstick btw. It looks so similar to MAC’s Rebel! xx

    • Shari

      Hi jemimah! Thanks so much dear hihi :-) Yah, I think its pretty close to Rebel!

  • Coco

    Love the DIY highlighter idea xx

    • Shari

      I like it a lot too Coco!

  • Carina

    Guuuh, ganda ng Accent. <3

    • Shari

      I thought magiging regret buy siya but it turned out to be the opposite so I’m glad! :-)

  • Raven

    I will never get old of the Lorac Pro. Hit pan on 3 shades already! Goshness Orguiel is so tempting.

    • Shari

      Yay for Lorac Pro lovers!! Ano ba Raven, start a blog na nga! :-)

      • Raven Ang

        With the influence you have on me, I just might! I swear half the makeup I buy is because of your opinions on them.You were the reason I bought Chanel nail polishes, TF lipsticks, the Guerlain Meteorites, Lorac Pro and even NARS blushes. Sadly, I’m on a makeup ban. I have too much makeup for a 15-year old. :(

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Oh gosh, what a perfect look for the holiday season! LOVE the hint of gold on your lower lash line! <3

    • Shari

      Thank you, Sunny!! :-)

  • Cassandrapamela

    oh you look gorgeous Shari!! love the lip color and the subtle smokey eyes!! <3 <3 happy new year for you and your beautiful little family :-D

    • Shari

      Thank you, Pam!! Youre always too kind and sweet hihi :-) Happy new year to you and your family too beautiful!!

  • Jaa

    Loving the red lips here, Shari! So pretty. Also thanks for the DIY tip! I’m sure it will come in handy! :D

    • Shari

      Thank you, Jaa! If you ever try it, I cant wait to hear about it. Happy new year Jaa!

  • Victoria

    That lips! Oh my god that gorgeous red lips of yours!! Gaaaah, Orgueil is sooooo pretty, it’s tempting. And I lalalalove the Lorac Pro Palette. I’m getting more use out of it than my UD palettes, hehe. Love the look that you created. Absolutely amazing! xx

    • Shari

      V! Shaaare your Lorac Pro looks naaaaa! Cant wait to see them! And thanks for liking!! Hihi. Happy new year gurlfran!! Thanks for always stopping by and contributing – much appreciated!!! :-)

  • Chelsea Leigh

    SO pretty! love the lipstick!

    • Shari

      Thank you Chelsea!

  • Florencia Alarcón Rivero

    Gorgeous as usual… Love your lipstick… You look so elegant !



    • Shari

      Aww thanks Flo!! Happy new year my dearest!

  • the coattail effect

    great DIY and the look is so perfect for the holidays! can’t wait to try it out myself hehe

    • Shari

      Do try! Share if you can your look and/or thoughts! :)

  • Paris B

    Yay! Happy that the DIY highlighter trick worked for you – such a money saver :) And you look lovely. I think I need that lipstick now ;) Happy New Year my dear x

    • Shari

      PB!! So honored to see you here, awww! :’) I wish you would never stop blogging because you’re on my top daily blog reads. I know I dont comment a lot but I really read through every post!! :) Happy new year, Paris! Have a great one!

      • Paris B

        You’re too sweet Shari :) I don’t comment very often (but I”m trying to change things this year) but I pop by every so often :) Keep up the great work!

  • Sara

    This look is so gorgeous ! Love it ! I especially love this eyeshadow palette !
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  • anne0822

    Happy new year Shari! You look great in dark lipstick! :)

    • Shari

      Thank you Ruselle!! Happy new year to you too, beautiful!!

  • Replica

    Beautiful look, I love the dash of gold on the lower lid line. That’s a great idea about the DIY highlighter, will make sure I try that :)

    • Shari

      Thank you Replica! Your comments are always too sweet! HAPPY NEW YEAR, DARLING! :*

  • Beauty by Arielle

    I love your idea for the highlight. I have both products so I will give it a try ASAP!

    • Shari

      Yay!! Will wait to hear what you think of the DIY highlighter :)

  • Scatterbraintures

    Ako naman baliktad, kapag too dewy yung foundation, I mix a dab of concealer (most concealers are matte), it tones down the shini-ness talaga.

    My DIY highlighter would be rubbing a face moisturize on my palms and pressing on the areas that need some sheen.

    • Shari

      Oooh, never tried mixing concealer in with foundation to tone down dewiness. :-) I think I just remedy it most of the time with loose powder. will keep the concealer trick in mind, though. Thanks for the tip, Rae. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :-)

  • pearlessence

    I really like the gold right under the eyes, brings attention right to them!

  • Sharmaine Sun

    I love the entire look, especially the eye shadow!

  • Joanna

    Try the MeMeMe highlighters. They’re good and I heard they’re dupes for the Benefit ones. Happy new year, Shari!

  • Yani

    Your holiday look is stunning, Shari! Love it!