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mac velvet teddy

Lips Like Velvet

My MAC lipstick obsession is currently at its prime. I purchased this beauty together with my previous entry, MAC Mehr. I I was able to swatch Mehr at a MAC counter prior to purchasing it so I already knew I wanted that in the first place.

Enter Velvet Teddy, a slightly less popular shade in the MAC lipstick line here in the Philippines (due to its unavailability) — a shade I was unaware of as well till I started searching for MAC’s best nude shades. Their more popular ones are Myth, Hue, Blankety, Creme d’ Nude, Honeylove. Although they look great on most people, they sadly don’t work with my skintone and natural lip color as they totally make me look like one of those actors in Walking Dead.

mac velvet teddy lipstick swatch


MAC Velvet Teddy is described as a deep tone beige despite looking much darker and browner in tube. I’ve seen images of different bloggers and users of this shade online and observed that for those with more pigmented lips, they come out browner. For those with less pigmented lips, like me (light pink), they register more as a pinky beige, which I prefer my perfect nude shade to look like.

It’s a very everyday lipstick that I definitely see myself abusing interchangeably with MAC Mehr. Being of matte formulation, I expected it to be drying as other mattes usually are. Surprisingly, they sat well on my lips not budging for at least four hours and without any sign of dryness (it could also be that I moisturized my lips well with lip balm before applying as I usually do).

mac velvet teddy lipstick swatch review


I’m so happy that it was MAC Velvet Teddy that welcomed me to the Land of the Nudes. I’ve always been hesitant to wear nude lips because of the ill-looking face that I get when I do try. The most nude shade I have is MAC Brave, which is not nude at all but I call it that anyway.

I love that I can wear this when I want either a dramatic eye look or a strong blush look. I have yet to try it just by itself with a bare face for when I’m on the go. Thanks (or no thanks says my wallet) to Velvet Teddy, I think I’m on my path to a nude obsession.

What’s your favorite nude lipstick? ❤

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  • ♥ Natalie

    Such a great shade of lipstick, perfect for you (:


    • Sharina

      Thanks Natalie :)

  • Cynthia Z

    I love it! Looks really good on you. My favorite nude is MAC Patisserie :)


    • Sharina

      Oh wow, just saw MAC Patisserie — peachy nude! So pretty. Will keep that in mind! Thanks Cynthia.

  • Micmic

    I love nude lipsticks and this one looks good on you!

  • CJ

    I’ve also been searching for the perfect nude in a more affordable counterpart. Pink-beige is what I’m always searching for but all I get are beige and pink-browns; The former makes me look dead while the latter, I feel like is more for old ladies thus makes me feel old. My mom loves it though, lol (hence for old ladies). Anyway, I love this shade!

  • NicNacks Nails

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  • NicNacks Nails

    This is one of those lippies that has been on my w/l for forever! It looks so nice on you. My favorite MAC nude is High tea. I also love the Revlip Lip Butter in Creme Brulee.

  • Shona Walsh

    That colour looks so pretty on you. I wish nude shades suited me!

    - Sho x

  • Brittney D
  • Ampersaand

    It suits you so well! x

  • Purity

    The shade suits you perfectly, I love MAC Creme d’nude on myself, xoxo.

  • rosie

    You look great in everything you wear! Wondering if you could recommend a red lip colour to me, really want to try it out but I’m actually pretty new to lip colour and don’t know which shades/brands are best!

  • Annick

    Stunning! It’s definitely subtly on you and just the right amount of pink without being obvious! Love it!

  • RosyChicc

    This is such a lovely shade! Looks great on you dear! <33


  • the creation of beauty is art.

    This colour looks just beautiful!

  • Helen [beauty delights]

    i love it on you! looks great :)

  • Ire

    This is such a pretty colour! I want!

    Black and Vanilla

  • The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    This is a lovely nude color.

  • Maggie

    Velvet Teddy looks perfect on you! What a lovely nude. I’m not really into nude shades anymore, but I remember my favorite one being a Maybelline one. :)

  • Chai Chen

    Land of the nudes haha! I love it! I’m going that route too, Shari! Haha! :)

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    … By Creating SheInside Sets in Polyvore!

    ❤ ~Chai

  • Miz Eloise

    wow that lip a healthy nude does not look corpse-y at all.

  • Sheila

    Love the shade of nude. Pretty on your lips!

    xo – Sheila

  • Jenniya

    Lovely shade. I’m in love with the color. Suits you, too.

    XX, Jenniya

  • The Green Raybans

    I really love the shade of this lipstick-its gorgeous!

    The Green Raybans
    Twitter: Green_Raybans98

  • Janet

    ang ganda mu talga sharina!! so pretty! ^_~

  • Ishna

    Hi Shari! I love the new look of your blog! I love the shade of your new lippie! :) looks good on you, well come to think, lahat naman looks good on you! Hahaha!

  • Magic Chic

    gorgeous color! This definitely goes into my MAC wishlist!

  • Pau B.
  • Analyn Alonsagay

    btw, saw your comment on my blog. thanks for follwing & dropping by. Godbless!

  • [email protected] Fashion Blog Seattle

    I like the color. Will look good on Asian skin. I don’t watch the Walking Dead but I take it’s a good show?
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  • Kirstie Valerio

    Oh I just want to eat that lipstick up! My favorite “nude” right now is Maybelline’s Warm Me Up.

  • Sheetal Agarwal

    such a gorgeous color..
    Following u do follow back :)

  • 2justByou

    OK…This shade is definitely on my list of things to get. I’m just getting back into the world of beauty (it kind of took a back seat since I became a mom, and I’m saying it’s time to get back to it). Found your blog and love this review. I’m a new GFC follower. =0)

  • Elle Woo

    Such a beautiful nude, and it looks beautiful on you~ I’ve been debating between this one and Creme Cup.

    Lipstick & Lace

  • Jo

    Looks like a really perfect shade of nude lipstick there. And you look so gorgeous.

  • Rotten Nuke

    This nude shade is really perfect for your skin. I love nude lipsticks too cuz I usually have a tan look and goes well with that shade. Thanks for posting this! ;)

    x aurora

  • SunnyToast

    This days I been loving nude shade lipstick..I’m currently using Clinique:) Thank you for sharing this..I guess i should try this:)

  • Andrea D.

    This nude shade is just perfect! Looks great on you. Hope all is well! <3

  • Mindy Fan

    This is a beautiful shade!

  • weloveswatches

    Omg I am in love! I need this one :D

  • Loleihem

    This blog is so beautiful, Mac makeup is gorgeous and so easy to apply! x

  • rhaindropz

    i love this matte lipstick!

  • Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO

    the shade looks so pretty on you!! i wish i can wear lipstick with that shade, they tend to wash me out. thanks for the great review gorgeous <3

  • Coleen

    gorgeous colour! :)

  • eula

    I too have been searching for a good nude lip color and Velvet Teddy keeps coming up on blogs. It *is* a very pretty nude on you.

  • Coco

    This is my favorite nude lipstick x

  • Nic Nic

    it’s a really flattering nude on you! Most nude lippies drain the life out of me lol

  • Vanessa Mae

    love the colour, suits your complexion! :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  • maxine_marcelino

    my absolute fave nude lippie is MAC’s HUG ME! this shade looks gorgeous on you though and I think I might try it out soon! :)


  • Pauline Reyes

    This lippy is simple, which is why I love it! <3
    ~Pauline @

  • Cherol

    Mine too..

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