November Favorites!

Here it is, my first ever FAVORITES entry for the month of November. Like I said in my previous post, I’m not one to have an altering set of beauty products I consider as favorites. I may have impulse buys here and there, hoarding sessions once in a while, but when you look at my dresser — I always seem to reach for the same things over and over. This ends up making all my new buys gather up dust in the drawers, forgotten, only to be used months after again when I finish up my tried-and-tested products. Such a shame for great finds! Hopefully with this entry every month, I’ll be creating a habit using new products with the hope of either becoming a part of this list – or the other one I plan to do, the Regret Buys list. 
P.S. — Nothing important but I can reply on comments now! So if you have questions, check back on them cos I’ll be answering them down below!


The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder — I don’t use loose powder every day to set my makeup knowing loose powders aren’t at all that cheap (I use Diorskin on special occasions), I was on a hunt for the most economical yet effective pressed powder one. I was in Beauty Bar one time and bought this impulsively, not having researched it properly online yet. However, upon using it for two months or so now, I’m quite satisfied. It keeps me oil-free for almost a whole day, only needing to retouch when I’ve become so sweaty already. No white cast or pigmentation at all, it’s amazing. 
L’Oreal Lucent Magique BB Cream — I’ve actually had apprehensions about BB creams and how they leave those famed ghost casts on photos that I’ve stopped buying and being sucked into the BB cream hype. However, as part of October’s BDJ box, this L’oreal BB cream changed my un-BB-liever attitude. I like how it doesn’t feel like BB cream at all, more like a light facial scrub when you apply it on your face. It doesn’t have the feeling of foundation as well, but manages to even my skin tone and eliminate my redness giving me an overall glow. Yet, take note, without looking like I have makeup on! Amazing. I wear this when I have a inner with friends or family to go to and don’t feel like laying the foundie on.
Urban Decay Naked Palette & Primer Potion — I think I need not go into detail why this is part of the list as I’ve been manifesting my love for this all over my blog the past weeks. It’s just a very versatile palette with my favorite neutral colors all in one housing. Whether I wanna go smokey, natural or romantic, I could play up all sorts of looks with this one. The Primer Potion is also a favorite as it makes the shadows even more pigmented and long-lasting. 
Bobbi Brown Corrector & MAC Studio Finish Concealer — my two undereye power-packed duo that I wouldn’t know what to do without. Being an insomniac for the past few months (thanks to pregnancy hormones that just won’t let me sleep!), I’ve developed eye luggages even heavier than a week’s worth of shopping in H&M on Black Friday sale. The corrector eliminates my nasty dark circles making them lighter and my eyes ‘brighter’, while concealer then provides coverage for the bags and the color-corrected dark circles. 
Benefit They’re Real Mascara — Thinking it was only a hype, I never intended to buy this mascara. My husband actually got it for me as a surprise when we were in Bangkok. Having used it a couple of times, and now almost daily, I now believe in its greatness. It lengthens, volumizes and applies on like a dream. I also love its packaging so that’s a plus! Only downside is it’s not waterproof. Though I haven’t had any problems as of yet with it smudging while wear. 
MAC Brow Set in Beguile — A slightly darker eyebrow tint compared to Boy Girl, which I love using everyday to perfectly set my brows without having to worry if my eyebrow pencil or powder has smudged out already. It keeps my brows at place all day, all night. I love the wand as it is the perfect size for putting the product on without worrying if you’ll be looking like Barbie zombie if you’ve placed too much.
NARS Super Orgasm Blush — another surprise buy that my husband bought for me in Bangkok. He knows I love Orgasm a lot (no pun intended there, haha!) and when he saw Super Orgasm, he thought I just had to have it. It’s a more pigmented color of the famed Orgasm and yes, with even more specks of glitters! I love that it’s a richer, more saturated tone that with just one swipe, you’ll be good to go. The glitters have a massive downside of having fallout issues but when photographed, give off a nice highlighted glow without looking oily. 
Real Techniques Contour Brush — I use this when I apply my bronzer and blush and it picks up and applies product like a dream! I’ve never been a brush addict but these Real Techniques brushes really have converted me. This contour brush is just one of my favorites, I can’t even begin to express my love for the eye brushes.  

MAC Lipstick in Plumful —A muted medium pink with a touch of plum. Being a lustre finish, you’d think it wears like lip gloss without too much color but it actually gives out great color payoff compared to most lustre lipsticks. I wore this in my Wedding Belles look and a few other looks as it gives a great pink without looking too candy bright nor vampy dark. Definitely my go-to color when I don’t want a very intense lip color.

That’s all for my November favorites! What have been your November favorites? Did I mention anything above worth giving a full review? Do leave it in the comments!

  • Eyah Ballada

    If I have those things yan din favorite ko :) I love all your stuff.. Me review ka ba ng The Balm? :)

    • Sharina

      Eyah! Wala pa ako full review of The Balm but I will sige!

    • Eyah Ballada

      Thank you :)

  • Viel Fernandez

    i’ve been wanting to try out ung real techniques brushes! let’s hope santa is nice this year :D

    • Sharina

      I hope so too Viel! Sana mahulog sa chimney niyo (taray, may chimney ang bahay eh noh!)

  • AnnTan

    awwh! i love urban decay make up !! i realize you really love the naked look!
    keep posting! i will keep viewing!

    • Sharina

      Thanks Ann! ♥ Sobrang naked look lang ako parati – Ill try to do a not-so-naked one soon!


    i like the shade of blush on you use. ^_^

  • Jamie

    OK, I am sold. I will try the Loreal BB cream.

  • Coco

    The Naked Palette seems to be my favorite each month. x

  • Kristine Bulatao

    MAC lipstick! <3

    Visit my online shop at
    For affordable arm candies and clothing.
    Thank you!

  • Chai Chen

    I can see why they’re your favorites, Shari! Cool stuff!
    On loose powders, I actually like them more. :)

    I’d like to invite you to participate as well in my very first Blog giveaway (^_^)
    #ChaiChenGiveaways (International)
    Chai’s December Birthday Bash – 1st Giveaway!
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  • Andrea D.

    The real techniques brushes are definitely on my Christmas wish list! Love they’re real mascara. It’s my fave! <3

  • Shahara Perez

    Do you already have a review of the BB cream that you are using? :) I am planning to buy bb cream one of these days and I want to get something worth it but not that expensive! :) As usual great post Sharina! <3 I will always be one of your fans! <3 Take care, stay gorgeous and keep on smiling!


    • Sharina

      Awww thank you Ara! ♥ I’ll do a full review soon pero as of now, I recommend it! I think the 695 for the full bottle is worth it!

  • Emily

    That NARS cheek color looks beautiful!

    • Sharina

      It is! And even more beautiful when worn! :)

  • Jamie Ross P. Pamplona

    I was planning to buy the Mac brow tint, but Jazzy(James cooper) line of cosmetics got a new product, the jazzy brow tint, Ms Iya Boto reviewed about it. very similar to Mac. I can save up some money :)))

    Great post here pretty misty mom! naexcited ako mag naked 2 palette:)

    • Sharina

      Yes I’ve heard nga about the James Cooper brow tint! Na-curious rin ako when Iya posted about it so I might buy that when I run out of the MAC kasi Php600 rin na savings yon!!

  • Ashley

    oooo awesome stuff!!

  • Grace Hui

    okay you sold me! I think im going to give the benefit mascara a try later as well!

    Can’t wait for your “regret” list, i find them so much more entertaining then favorites! haha I think I have quite a few.. ‘regret buying’ items of my own.


  • Sarah

    I have been skeptical, too, of the ‘They’re Real’ …you may have convinced me! And I didn’t know they had a super orgasm! I love that color!!

  • Sheila

    Love your favorites! :) I really love Nars blushes and of course who wouldn’t love the UD Naked Palette! Did you see they’re coming out with a UD Naked Basics Palette for $27USD??

    xo – Sheila

  • Marina Blissious

    Is the Bobbi Brown corrector cakey at all? I’ve been looking for a good one but have dry skin, so I may try this?
    Marina @

  • Amyboo

    Super Orgasm is so pretty! Love the glitter in it. :D
    This is a pretty awesome list of favorites! Thanks for sharing.~

  • Denysia Yu

    I’ve heard so much about MAC’s plumful! I think I will need to pick it up soon!

  • Alicja

    Very cool post. I love naked palet, too bad I can not get it in Poland. If you have a second pleaase visit my blog, to check out my last post.

  • Marie

    Plumful looks beautiful! I’ve heard great things about it. Lovely post! xx

  • Kitten

    Im curious about the loreal bb cream. How much is the mac brow set?

  • ×t s u k i.-

    That Naked palette is one of my favourites too! xo

  • Rosie Means

    Great post! All of these items look lovely! :) The Naked palette is one of my favorites every month too :) Thanks for sharing!

    Rosie xo

  • Janet

    love your favorites!! does the loreal BB have any coverage? or it is more of corrector instead of a BB? Was quite intrigue on this one~ Ako din eversince the hype of BB, I kept trying them out but nothing really works on my “lubaklubak and icepeak” skin >_<~ buti nalang you could reply na on your comments ^_~

    • Sharina

      The L’oreal BB cream doesn’t have much coverage. I guess you could say it’s more of a corrector. :) Parang “My Skin But Better” look :)

  • Jenny

    Okay , Okay those products are expensive! lol. Can’t afford ate Sha! Pero syempre once I have the chance to grab some expensive makeup, I will surely include your favorites!

    • Sharina

      I have drugstore favorites too! Gawa nga ako soon :)

  • rhaindropz

    NAKED palette were always on the list hihi..

  • MissPandaLia

    Hi I nominated you here:

    and i selling make up too, please visit >>

  • Melissa at

    I use Urban Decay Naked too and love it! These are great picks!

  • Natsumi

    Plumful looks beautiful! I have never owned a MAC lipstick but keep meaning to get one, haha! I might add that to my list ;)

  • Alexandra

    I want Urban Decay Naked Palette D: lol..
    it’s expensive, i need to persuade my mom to buy me this for christmas :/

  • Betzy’s Makeup

    I love all of those products

  • Diwata Luna

    I’ve been wanting the Orgasm for a long time! LOL. Where is it available here in the PH? I don’t really go around makeup shops and stalls.

    • Sharina

      NARS has counters in Rustan’s Essenses shops – Makati, Alabang, Shang!
      Go get this Christmas, it’s worth it! Actually, they say The Balm Hot Mama is a dupe :) But for me, mej magkalayo sila although The Balm is also very worthy in itself!

  • Ellie

    I love Benefit They’re Real! And it’s great that you got a Naked Palette… it is so useful! Great favorites post my dear :)

    xx Ellie 

  • Jannie

    Amazing favorites post, Shari! I LOVE the Naked palette too. I totally agree with you that the colors in this palette are very versatile. They are great for any look and occasion. They’re cohesive with pretty much any lip color too.

    The Super Orgasm blush looks pretty. I like how the sparkles really show on the photo. I bet it gives such a nice glow on the cheeks. :)

    Although I don’t buy a lot of high end mascara, I’m thinking of trying Benefit’s They’re Real. I heard a lot of good things about how well they separate and lengthen the lashes. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your favorites. Glad you’re enjoying these amazing products. :)

    • Sharina

      Thanks Jannie! ♥ You should def try They’re Real if you can – although there are other cheaper alternatives, you won’t be disappointed for the price you pay on this one!

  • Leisure M.

    Hey, I’m one of your newest followers, through the Optimistic Mondays link up! I would love for you to follow me back.

  • Keyti Villanueva

    you have the naked palette,
    so green with envy right now.


  • June

    OMG *rushes to buy makeup*

  • Ash Louise

    Looks like such a great palette. I’ve heard sooo many wonderful things about it :)

  • Elsha Bodily

    I had a roommate in college who had the Naked products and I sure did love stealing them :)

    Following you now!

  • Ice Pandora

    MAC <3 very nice haul you got there c: xx

  • Krizzia

    I saw Naked at Rob Ermita, and it’s more than love at first sight. I know I have to have it pero matagal tagal pa un. When I’m already working. hahaha. And no wonder why you call these products tried and tested na. They’re already “critically acclaimed” products in the world of beauty. And I love that you always end up not overusing their powers. Still, fresh and pretty natural make up pa rin. I admire you for that. :D

    • Sharina

      Aww thanks Krizzia! ♥ And yah, parang this post doubles as a “staples” na rin for me, well MEJ :)

  • danielleyc

    I’ve still never tried anything from Nars, but I’d love Orgasm or Super Orgasm, they’re both so pretty! xx

  • Monica

    I think Naked could be an all-year favorite, haha. I know I’ve been obsessed with mine, since I jumped late on the bandwagon too.
    By the way, is that L’Oreal BB cream exclusive for Asia? I know here they have a similar “Magic BB Cream” with the color-adjusting grains, but the packaging is different.
    Thanks for sharing your monthly favorites!


    • Sharina

      Hi Monica! Regarding the different packaging, I think I read somewhere that the Lucent Magique line is the Asian counterpart of the True Match Lumi line elsewhere. :)

  • Amanda {}

    Thanks for being so thorough on your opinion of each product! They’re all so great for this holiday season! And I keep seeing the NAKED palette clad all over every beauty blog…I MUST GET IT!!!

    Thanks for visiting FFF!
    Following you now!


  • Anonymous

    I love your blog! Everything’s just so… neat and organized :) Is the Super Orgasm a full sized blush? Parang it looks so small. Hahaha.

    You should try The Balm eyeshadows! They won’t disappoint! :D

    • Sharina

      Yes, it’s a mini version, part of a set! ♥

      And I will follow through on your reco – I’ve heard good news about their Meet Matte palette! :)
      Thanks, dear!! ♥

  • Karen Chin

    Love all the products you have talked about here, they look beautiful! The NARS Super Orgasm looks amazing, down from the shade of the blush to its shimmers… *orgasm*! Haha :P Love your blog as always xo

  • Kitty3500

    Wow I love Orgasim but Super Orgasim looks crazy cool! Might have to check it out! I would love a full review of it xx

  • Cosmo Trend

    I love this palette!It is possible to use a lot of combination on the eyes.
    I followed your blog.please visit me and follow

  • Jacobin

    I have always wanted to buy Real Techniques brushes ever since I saw it! :( I wish someone would gift me one. :P
    Oh yah! Did you know they’ve just released the new naked palette! :D
    Woah those glitters in Super Orgasm looks ginormous!
    You’re so lucky, you have such a supportive husband! :)

  • lifeasart

    I love the Naked palette and MAC studio finish concealer too! Use them both everyday :-) Nice blog. Check me out if you like:

  • Gabriëlle

    Definitely want to get the Naked Palet!

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