The Misty Mom Readers’ Beauty Therapy W/ D&V Hairpieces & Shu Uemura

September 17, 2014


Hello, my lovely local readers! Yes, I’m talking to you. I want to meet you! It has been a long time coming since I’ve dreamed of having a small “The Misty Mom” readers get-together but I have been boggled on how to go about it. Thankfully, the lovely teams behind D&V Hairpieces, Shu Uemura and The List Salon have all agreed to sponsor an afternoon of Beauty Therapy (a.k.a just chit-chatting makeup & hair tips and tricks) for The Misty Mom and a few of its readers.


I-Think-I-Look-Good-In-This: Olive Eyes, Coral Lips & Cheeks

September 16, 2014


I’m so excited to work on my “rusty eye look” with your suggestions in tow but will leave you with this FOTD first. Remember those “I think I look good in this” shades I talked about in the previous entry? Yup, one of those is olive. I think olive tones look good on my eyes and against my skintone. Corals though, are hit-or-miss for me. I mean, what is a true coral even? READ MORE

Help Me Make it Work: A Rusty Eye with Lorac Pro Garnet

September 12, 2014


In my recent Fall Eyeshadow Picks entry, I included Garnet from the Lorac Pro palette even though I haven’t really used it so much in the past. Not that I haven’t tried because believe me, I have. It’s just that I always ended up changing my mind at the last minute when I see myself in the mirror and think “Nope, can’t wear this out. I look beaten up or have had no sleep for the past week.” But again, what is this blog for if I only show myself in I-think-I-look-good-in-this shades, right?