My Style Staples

July 23, 2014

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Crisp blouse, perfectly fit trousers, nude heels (but nowadays, I be living in ballet flats most of the time). Don’t forget cellphone bulge in right pocket. Aside from denim shorts and loose, sleeveless tops which are my no-brainer errand-day looks, this is my real, uncontrived “style”. No trendy cropped tops or skater skirts (though I do steal my sister’s sometimes when I feel like being fashion once in a while). Just the classic, never outdated basics.

Normally, it’d be a crisp white or black button-down, but I saw this last piece of light yellow blouse from GAP on sale … and in my size! So of course, the dreaded “it was meant for me” mentality naturally took over and I was transported to the cashier in an instant. I don’t feel that guilty though because it’s been a while since I bought new clothes. I’ve reached that stage where I don’t care for the latest trends anymore.

I now go for basic, classic (aka BORING) pieces I can mix and match with anything… despite the harem pants, color-blocking, lingerie as outerwear and Birks with socks trends that come and go.


Almost Too Girly For My Life – Pink & Purple Eye Look

July 22, 2014

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This one is kind of a — fail — because I realized my camera doesn’t do continuous autofocus. Which means - how the heck do I film a makeup video having to stay on the same spot the camera focused on initially? I don’t understand why you’d do such a thing, Canon!

Well, actually I do — so we money-shitting mortals feel the urge to keep on upgrading. But no way am I ready to shell out more $$$ for camera gear anytime soon. Sooo, I guess I’ll have to suck it up, make do and just not move as much (!?!?!) when I do videos. #GoodluckShari

Anyway, for this look — I decided to incorporate some pink into my otherwise uniform slash favorite purple eye makeup look and well, I actually like it! I think it didn’t step the line of overly-girly (which is not at all bad, I mean what the hell does overly-girly even mean/look), which is something I think I can’t pull off. VIEW THE REST OF THE POST →

5 Days of NARSissist

July 18, 2014



Hi guys!! I’m still here! Just been doing a lot of things and well, when I do have a bit of free time, it’s always been rest > blogging the past week. It doesn’t help that the weather is absolutely crazy over in this neck of the woods with a super typhoon that just swept the nation. Ack! K, so I’m not entirely blaming the weather. I’ve just been really tired in general that I couldn’t even reserve some energy to open up my laptop. I swear, I haven’t opened it once this week.

Anyway, I’m back and hopefully I don’t have to keep on doing this 1-week sabbaticals (!). So I realized my last post on the NARSissist palette didn’t really illustrate how much I truly love it now. Which is why I’m backing that post up with this new one featuring a few of the looks I’ve done with the palette. No more words after this post, just photos! VIEW THE REST OF THE POST →

Budget Beauty: Drugstore Makeup Under PHP 500!

July 12, 2014


Down the Drugstore Aisle

Who sez I only buy/use makeup that pave the way to bankruptcy? (!!!) Deep down, I’m a sucker for budget buys, too. Nothing excites me more than discovering treasures in the drugstore aisles that cost 10x less than high-end. Especially when, upon using, you learn that they work equally as well as their counterparts (with some even outperforming them exxxys).

In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a few of those drugstore products I tried and — loved, liked or wasn’t particularly crazy about.  VIEW THE REST OF THE POST →

Second Time Around with the NARSissist Palette

July 8, 2014

narslovecover narslovecover2

Should I Walk By Again?

What to do with a $70 palette you didn’t fall in love with at first sight (and try)? Well, I couldn’t find it in my heart to sell it – that’s the thing with makeup. Once you crack open that packaging and use it, bam. Instant depreciation. Doesn’t matter if you’ve only swiped it ever so gently once or twice - there’s no way you’ll be able to justify selling it at its original value (I mean you can, but who’d buy it if they can get a sealed, unused one instead?). Unless it’s limited edition and unavailable anywhere else.

Unlike designer bags or shoes that you can sell so close to their original price even if you’ve used them daily for the past x years but have taken care of them as if they were born out of your womb. They’re even passed down from generation to generation with some even appreciating in value. But makeup? Umm, tell me again why I shell out $$$ for this shit.  

Going back, my answer to the question I posed above is – try a second time and force yourself to fall in love with it (!!!). Kidding. But if you really don’t, then let go of the thing and swallow the fact that you hafta sell it (or give it away for free! you choose), even for half the price you bought it for. The question then is — will I be swallowing that painful truth for this NARSissist palette?  VIEW THE REST OF THE POST →