October 30, 2014

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection


MAC collections are coming out left and right these days – some are majorly overwhlemed they can’t keep up that they give up, others are struggling to keep up but love the brand so much they want at least a piece of the newest collections – and then there’s me. Probably the last to know from true-blue-MACaholics on Twitter, hearing it without really paying attention – but whenever something catches my fancy, that’s when I pick up my MAC magnifying glass and go into full Sherlock mode.


October 29, 2014

My Frizz-Free Hair Story


They say nothing in life is constant – only change, death and taxes. I think they missed frizz. There are actually quite a few (unwanted) constant things in my life – body hair regrowth, dysmenorrhea, I could go on. Frizz is one of them. Even if I indulge myself in hair masks and treatments – it gets tamed for a while, but then frikkin’ frizz always finds it way back. It’s like an annoying ex that keeps on asking to get back with you. And all you can say when you look at them is “Nuh-uh, no. You have got to go.READ MORE