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Hat stuff. Hatters gon' hat.
For my next article as a columnist on BeautyMNL — my Chanel love affair 😉 Watch out for it 💗
Wearing the new @skechersph Flex with air-cooled memory foam! Great for errands, working out (must push myself to sweat more often because I need the endorphin rush) and long walks when you're travelling! The air-cooling memory foam feels like you're walking on a bed - super comfy👌🏼 #skecherszumbafun #shoefie #kotd #vsco
Up early this morning for a Zumba Masterclass with Skechers and world renowned Zumba instructor, Monica Pulgarin — wearing my super comfy memory foam Skechers pair 👟 #skecherszumbafun

P.S. — Zumba under the sun? Double the effort! 😂 Need to push myself to exercise more often!
Been a while since I dipped into Happy Skin cosmetics 🙈 My first purchase, Honeymoon Glow, went to my momma who tried it and loved it! Now excited to try the matte version of their Shut Up and Kiss Me lipstick as well as their moisturizing lip lacquer! 👌🏼 Any thoughts on these guys? I know a lot of you are fans!!
Love how a long vest instantly makes a white top and denim jeans combo look effortlessly 'polished' 👌🏼 Curling my hair, on the other hand, requires 100% effort (getting burnt and all). LOL
📷: @misspopquiz #MissSelfiePH