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I swear, every L'Oreal release just gets me more excited every time! This time, they've launched two 10-pan eyeshadow palettes that I personally believe rival higher end brands. The texture is super smooth โ€” not the dry, hard powders we're used to when it comes to drugstore makeup. Definitely recommend giving these a swatch when you pass by a counter! These come in two shades - Beige and Rose. Personally love the Rose palette more ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ #ChoosePinks #LOrealSwatchandShoot
Selene and I have a busy-ish afternoon today. We'll be supporting Tita @misspopquiz's booth at @bloggersunitedph. Then we'll be
I'm what you call a perfume addict โ€” I can't leave the house without bathing, err, spritzing on one of my favorite scents first. I even carry a bottle in my bag  even if I've broken one of my favorites already ๐Ÿ˜ญ So when I discovered @travaloph โ€” everything changed! I can now carry 2-3 scents with me in a portable easy-to-refill lipstick-looking tube without the weight + the depression if a bottle breaks๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ #TravaloPH
As a new-ish citizen of the North (aka QC), I now always look forward to @ilovetrinoma's #GreenLightSale (even marking it on my calendar) as almost everything is slashed down to 50%! Not to mention, it's the best time for a momma like me to unwind and do some retail therapy. Catch it this weekend from May 27-31 and get this whole outfit I'm wearing from @marksandspencerph on sale too ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €Photography by @benberinguela
Styling by @angeli_rookie
If I could live with using just one brand, Guerlain would definitely be in the top choices. My favorite eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipstick of all time hail from this luxurious brand. โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €So when I was asked to be part of their Beauty Council,
One of the most fun and engaging events I've been to recently! Learning about the stories of these incredible #WholeMoms makes me feel more inspired and motivated to keep doing what Im doing. Especially in this age of