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I've been challenged by @niveaphils (in collaboration with @glamourboxph) to do a
I'm extremely honored to be part of #bloggys2015 Finalists for the Beauty category! I just have so much emotion right now that I can't put into words. Running a blog amidst being a full-time mom isn't easy and every blogger - mother or not - knows how meticulous and time-consuming it is. I don't think I'm the best nor the most diligent or hard-working blogger but I do my best to be one amidst every thing else I need do to attend to.
To be nominated and recognized for this means so much to me - not just as a blogger - but as a stay-at-home-mom who started this blog just as a hobby, a way to get my creative hands busy on something after I chose to give up my corporate job to be a full-time mom to my daughter. 
Thank you for this because it made me feel that I've done something productive and worthwhile when everyone else may have thought I was just wasting my time on something shallow and superficial. 
I didn't need a nomination to tell myself this but it sure as hell feels so much better when others acknowledge it as well. No need to win the award, this in itself has already done so much. To my family and friends, long-time readers turned friends, fellow bloggers who've supported me - thank you so much for believing in me. I share this feeling of overwhelming joy and appreciation with you all.
Feel so honored to be invited to speak about my experiences in beauty blogging during the first ever #FNBeautyCon by @femalenetwork! 💗 Thanks to the beautiful ladies who listened to my babble! I saw most of your faces from the stage, you guize 😉 Thanks for having me, @jendayo and the rest of the FN team!
I like seeing my makeup organized! 👌🏼 This beautiful acrylic organizer is from @sueshmakeuptoolkit - sturdy, not the flimsy kind and no need to break the bank! 👍🏼 Suesh used to be my makeup brush store to go to when I felt the need to buy new brushes - now, I see they've organizers and other tools as well, wooot! 🙌🏼
So sad I missed the @maccosmetics #MACnificentMe launch! Beautiful new things in the collection include this Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Make Me Proud, Lipstick in My Inner Femme and Eyeshadow in Cheer Me On! Love the names of the shades, btw 😉 Put them all together and you get a small dose of women empowerment 💪🏼 Pictured (but not included in the collection) is the Studio Sculpt Defining Powder in Medium which I've been loving lately too! 👌🏼 #UsingMACCosmetics #maccosmetics #makeupjunkies #makeupmafia #ilovemacgirls
Guess what's got me sniffing? 
My current go-to body lotion that doesn't feel greasy but keeps me moisturized all day! 👌🏼 Three more collagen-boosting products reviewed on the blog! Check it out at 👍🏼 #CollagenByWatsons